New graphic novel available from Avery Hill Publishing now
Released October 2023.
Hardcover, 100 pages, Full Colour, 180mm x 250mm
The time approaches when the mineral that makes inter-system jump navigation possible will run out. When the last piece has gone the vast and scattered inhabitants of the galaxy will be stuck wherever they are. Some will have the means to choose this - others will take what they’ve got or at least what they can get. Either way, society as it has been for aeons will exist in a new state.
In the face of this impending seismic change the crew of a small cargo freighter struggle to make a living amid the chaos and desperation. Survival would be enough but a chance discovery alters their plans and may prove to be a vital key to unlocking a future for all - not just the chosen few...
‘The Hard Switch is an astounding achievement. Owen was born to make sci-fi. The drawings and story captured me in a way few comics ever have.’ - TILLIE WALDEN (On A Sunbeam, Alone In Space)
‘Thrilling, beautiful, wholly original.’ - ALEX DE CAMPI (Bad Girls, Parasocial)
‘The Hard Switch is great science fiction and great comics. Owen Pomery is definitely a cartoonist to watch! Highly recommended.’ - JEFF LEMIRE (Sweet Tooth, Essex County)

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