Published by Avery Hill. Hardback, 70 pages, full colour. Available to buy HERE.
On a summer's day, Ellen returns to the coastal town she grew up in, the picturesque, yet architecturally strange, Victory Point. Revisiting old haunts and people from her past, she feels increasingly disconnected from her previous life, and exhausted by the constant struggle of trying to forge the path ahead. Exploring a town, which itself is an experiment in how to live, Ellen searches for some comfort in her own history that might just give her the strength to move forward. Victory Point quietly explores the idea of how we choose to live and be remembered. Asking whether we should strive for a higher calling, or if a simple, domestic legacy is the most honest and admirable achievement we can hope for. And if the land from which we disembark feels as alien as the one we hope to reach, how does anyone make their peace with a life amongst the ever-changing ocean waves?
‘Pomery beautifully evokes a world filled with crisp light, cool sea breeze, and a sense of time gently drifting away from you.’
- Jon McNaught (Author of Kingdom)
Published by Top Shelf. Softcover with French flaps 128 pages, two-colour. Available to buy HERE.
Working for the British High Commission, Harrison Fleet is posted to a remote arctic island which is still, inexplicably, under British rule. As he struggles to understand why, and what interests he is protecting, Harrison learns just how much of the land and its community lies in the shadow cast by the outpost’s founder.
Caught between hostile locals, the British Government, and an unforgiving physical environment, he begins dragging dark secrets into the light, unaware of the tragic repercussions they will cause. And help is very, very far away.
Part noir, part historical mystery, British Ice explores the consequences of colonialism and the legacy of empire.
'An evocative 'arctic noir,' this graphic novel unfurls a study in desolation, mounting tensions, and chilling atmosphere.' - Publishers Weekly
Between the Billboards & The Authoring of Architecture
Published by Avery Hill. Printed in perfect bound format across 128, larger than original pages. Currently out of print, but available digitally HERE.
First published as a six-volume series, Owen D. Pomery’s long form debut Between the Billboards has now been reformatted and compiled into a single volume. Presented here and interwoven with writings and additional comic work, The Authoring of Architecture seeks to better understand the relationship between comics, architecture and personal perception.

‘This is a sombre, reflective comic drawn with skill and intelligence.’
- Rob Clough (High-Low)
The Victory Motel
A5 format, 68 pages, perfect bound, colour cover, black & white throughout. OUT OF PRINT but digitally available HERE.
Five quietly interrelated graphic stories taking place on the same day at The Victory Motel. 
'Pomery succeeds in giving us a window into the complicated lives of 21st century humanity.' 
- Jamie McNeil (Slings & Arrows)
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